12 Best Linux Distributions for Hacking & Pen Testing

Several factors guide this decision, including the level of community or commercial support, user documentation and friendliness, patch management, and more. Red Hat Enterprise Linux is a longtime leader in commercial software for Linux management, serving an influential network of Fortune 500, telecommunications, financial, and governmental organizations. The enterprise distro includes built-in integration with Red Hat’s suite of software management, automaton, middleware, and virtualization tools.

Kali is the best security penetration Linux has ever seen, and it’s only gotten better. Debian is one of the most widely used operating systems for personal computers and network servers. It has also served as the base for multiple Linux distribution platforms such as Ubuntu and Linux Mint. This free and stable software is preferred by a large number of ISPs as well as small and large businesses due to its dependability and community support. Its purpose is to be used as a Live CD, and it can be installed on a hard drive like any other operating system. Linux’s default installation contains a slew of useful applications such as LibreOffice, Firefox, and Thunderbird.

What Are the 5 Best Linux Distros?

The Android build is regularly tested using the most recent versions of Ubuntu. The distro’s official website hosts several tutorials, guides, and other resources aimed to impress the development and programming prowess of the distro. Additionally, we’ve featured the best Linux training providers and online courses, and the best Linux distros for power users. Finally, for a no-nonsense resource light desktop system I would suggest Lubuntu. It is based off of Ubuntu and uses LXDE for it’s desktop environment. This distribution’s primary goal is to provide the Linux alternative to Windows. Further, it is available for x86-64 processor architecture & desktop environments available are GNOME and Xfce.

best linux distro for network engineers

Also, it is extremely safe which implies that some convenience features are not working. While the use of Linux is not as widespread as the others, it still has a place in modern technology. The real question is which version of Linux is best suited Mobile app development Wikipedia for you if you are aspiring to be a cybersecurity professional. Use these free online markdown editors to write and save your markdown notes. ArchStrike is a project based on Arch Linux for penetration testers and security professionals.

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Network engineers must be familiar with Linux in order to operate it. Linux, in addition to network operating systems and software-defined networking and DevOps tools, is used in a variety of other areas. Developed and maintained by offensive security, Kali Linux is a Debian-based Linux distro designed for penetration testing and conducting digital forensics. It ships with out-of-the-box tools meant for penetration testing such as Nmap, Metasploit Framework, Maltego, and Aircrack-ng to mention a few. Debian Testing is a rolling release and provides the latest software versions that are yet to be accepted into the stable release. It’s usually fraught with instability issues and might easily break. Also, it doesn’t get its security patches in a timely fashion.

  • Most network operating systems are now based on Linux distributions, as Linux grows in popularity.
  • Administrators must consider whether the Linux distro supports the CPU architectures of existing hardware.
  • Using graphical tools such as GitKraken and git-cola, we can support a variety of editors and IDEs, as well as versions control systems such as Git, Bazaar, and others.
  • In this article, we are going to cover some best Linux Distros also called Linux Distributions.
  • It uses LXDE/LXQT desktop environment and comes with a collection of lightweight apps that can be useful for daily tasks.

And a pre-release version of Rocky Linux has emerged after the development of several months. This version is only suitable for people who want to try new things. For others, there is Leap — a more stable openSUSE version for a general audience. To get started with Kali Linux, you need at least 512 MB of RAM, an AMD64 architecture, or an i386 and a minimum of 3 GB of hard disk space. So, if you are interested in pen-testing or cybersecurity, the distro is for you. Initially, the project was named BackTrack, but it shifted to Kali Linux. However, Arch Linux is not for beginners, and it should only be used by advanced users who already know the Linux operating system.

Interface and User Friendliness

Traceroute works by sending packets of data to the target computer, server, or website and recording any intermediate steps through which the packets travel. The output of a traceroute command will be the IP addresses and domain names through which the packets pass. These entries also show how long it takes for the packets to reach each destination. The information obtained may explain why some websites may take longer to load than others, as the number of traffic hops can vary. Figure 4.0 | A screenshot of PuTTY running under Ubuntu MATETraceroute is a tool in Linux that allows you to investigate the routes of network packets and identify the limiting factor in their journeys.

  • Ubuntu has been used as the base for many Linux distribution development such as LinuxMint, Kubuntu, and Lubuntu.
  • It’s possible that some articles that worked well five years ago won’t work today.
  • It comes with various GUI tools, making it very easy to use for users porting in from Windows or macOS.
  • Tracepath is another utility similar to traceroute on Linux, with the primary difference of not requiring superuser privileges.

Linux’s most significant advantage is the customization it offers. It doesn’t matter in which area of the industry you work in; there are distros that you can use in your work. Some Network Engineer & Information Technology IT Program Training distros work best for doing scientific work, which requires a scientific approach and programming. Web servers are used to allow clients to access the Internet from their computers.

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Furthermore, Linux servers can be easily managed and monitored remotely, making them easier to secure and more manageable. Linux is the most widely used and cost-effective platform for networking and server development. By unifying the stack, it makes it simple and adaptable to business requirements. Linux is a better networking platform because it is more affordable, scalable, easier to learn, and adaptable to meet network needs. Linux is a fantastic operating system because it is not limited by its specific programming language.

However, if additional software is locally added, the “state” of the local system may fall out of synchronization with the state of the package manager’s database. If so, What is a project manager? The lead role for project success the local administrator must take additional measures to ensure the entire system is kept up-to-date, as the package manager may no longer be able to do so automatically.

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